Green dot rebranding

Green Dot: The Making of an Iconic Cannabis Brand Both cannabis connoisseurs and first-time customers have made Green Dot their brand of choice — and for good reason. Green Dot’s friendly “bud-tenders” are highly knowledgeable and help to create a welcoming environment. These bud-tenders not only educate consumers but offer products considered by many to […]

Bestvite Rebranding

Bestvite: The Creation of an Award-Winning Brand Design Bestvite is a health and nutrition brand geared towards providing the highest quality health supplements and “functional foods” at affordable prices. Bestvite’s stated mission is to create vitamin, mineral, herbal, and natural food products that are among the purest, yet also ensuring these products are affordable to […]

Ravenna Packaging Design

Fadilbou’s Redesign of the Ravenna Brand’s Wine Labels Ravenna is a wine that takes its namesake from the Italian region in which it was founded. This wine brand is famous for its Tempranillo-based wines such as Pinot Grigio, Merlot, and Chardonnay. Ravenna wines are produced in a manner that remains hardly changed for centuries; grapes […]

Noire Collection – Photography

The Noire Collection: Experiments in Black and White Photography The Noire Collection is a project that began in a black and white photography class at school, initially showcasing only three images. Back then I thought the use of black and white (and various shades of gray) was only used to evoke a sense of universality […] – b2b Website

Design Work for®® is a nationally recognized real estate network operated by the Move Network and the parent company News Corporation (News Corp). The® website is licensed to operate by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the real estate industry’s largest trade association. The company’s business model focuses on selling advertising and […]

Outside Collection – Illustration

Outside Collection: Abstractions in Architecture The Outside Collection began as a way to convey the possibilities of architecture if the designer had absolute control over the colors, forms, and the way sunlight interacts with these elements. To create these illustrations, the Procreate and Affinitydesign apps on the iPad Pro were utilized. An additional goal of […]

FHI Brands Rebranding

FHI Brands: Creating a Strong, Cohesive Parent Brand The Process – FHI Brands is a world-renowned professional haircare company whose products are cherished by both celebrities and consumers. But, FHI Brands had a unique problem; since its founding 2003, the various sub-brands of FHI Brands had taken on a look of their own and were visually detached […]

results by

The Results Series for® As an interactive designer at®, my job primarily consists of supporting the B2B team — and specifically the events team.  The® Resultsseries is a set of website designs created to promote webinars and live events hosted by the nationally known real estate company. The goal was to use […]

Platform Packaging Redesign

From project packagingto sub-brand logo redesigns, Fadilbou has worked with FHI Brands to create stunning product packaging as well as unique logos to bridge the divide between all of the parent company’s sub-brands. After all, shouldn’t a brand as prestigious as FHI Brands also have a look to match?     Projects for same brand […]

Marrakech shop design I web design

Marrakech Design: Designs Inspired by the Spirit of Morocco Marrakech Shop Design is a gift store offering products handmade by local artisans. These keepsakes celebrate the culture and history of Morocco using authentic, natural materials. One of the most popular designs are the Moroccan bags that “made with love” and filled with pure Moroccan soul. […]

Run collection – Illustration

– The process Europe’s quintessential fine art is primarily held in high esteem for its beauty and aesthetic symmetry. This is true in the continent’s history of painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry, as well as in theater and dance. Typically, when we think of European fine art, the mind wanders to images of oil […]

Mouna de Laine Branding

– Mouna de Laine Packaging Redesigns The process Mouna de Laine is a skincare line that uses vegan-friendly, naturally sourced ingredients in their products. The company works alongside integrative medical professionals, naturopathic doctors, and biochemists to ensure their products are not only great for people, but great for the planet, too. Challenge One major challenge […]

wow collection – Illustration

  The human mind is always looking for patterns. In fact, our brain rewards us for recognizing patterns with an uptick of dopamine. The WOW Collection is a personal exploration of patterns made, broken, intersected, and warped to accentuate certain objects — notably people. This is a series that has allowed me to explore new […]

Art & sense – Editorial

Conceptual Designs for Art&Sense Magazine After conducting research into the target market of Art&Sense Magazine, I identified products and topics that would appeal to the magazine’s readers. These research considerations included effective use of nameplates, cover designs, typographic elements, two-page editorial designs, and spreads that were not only intriguing and stylish, but easy to read. […]

BCA – Limited edition Packaging

FHI Brands’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign In its 16-year history, FHI Brands has grown to become a globally recognized professional haircare company that is adored by both celebrities and daily users. Each October, FHI Brands collaborates with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of the disease and bring a message of hope to […]

FHI Brands new website

FHI Brands: Website and Branding FHI Brands is an award-winning professional haircare company held in great esteem by consumers and celebrities alike. The goal of this project was to make sure FHI Brands’ prestige is represented in its packaging, logos, mobile apps, and online presence. To bring the goals of the project to fruition there […]

35mm – Photography

Examining the World through a 35mm Lens More than any other format, 35mm has a way of creating images that appear to be —if not true to life — larger than life. Even with the advancements in technology, 35mm cameras still have a way of capturing the world around us that other formats simply cannot. […]