I’m just going to say it.

I do whatever I want 🙂


Meet Fadil Bourkouli

Several years ago, I came to America from Morocco with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from the Institut Supérieur du Génie Appliqué in Morocco. Even though I attained a degree and relocated 6,000 miles and had great career prospects, I still felt something was missing. I’ve always been a dabbler in creative arts, but never realized (until after I graduated) to what extent my creative inclinations were a part of me. For that reason, I moved to California and began studies in graphic design. This change in career focus brought out the best of my technical and creative talents.


During my undergraduate computer science studies, I became involved with front-end coding systems such as HTML, CSS, as well as PHP, C#, and C++. (I will admit that my preference for front-end coding languages is geared more toward my creative side.)

I also worked as a designer and front-end developer at Orca Systems, Inc. In this role, my responsibilities included layout design, pagination, typesetting, artwork, and creating ads.

Visual Communications and User Experience

Recently, I earned my advanced certificate in design and visual communications through a UCLA extension program while also working as a senior graphic designer at FHI Brands, an internationally known haircare company.

At FHI, we took part in highly productive brainstorming sessions with the creative team. These sessions led to numerous successful branding concepts and marketing campaigns. My design and technical contributions can be seen in the company’s product logos, packaging, mobile apps, website, UX designs, as well as photo and video shoots. I worked closely with the back-end developers and UX designers, optimizing web-based technologies to create a compelling and engaging user experience. I also became more proficient in Bootstrap framework, HTML5/CSS3, and CSS animation.

Interactive Design

Currently, I am an interactive designer at realtor.com®, where I create a variety of products for the real estate company’s many B2B clients. At Realtor® I design materials for use in mobile, web, illustration-based, and video platforms.

When it comes to user interfaces, I tend to create designs that are clean, practical, easy-to-use, and aesthetically pleasing. The ultimate goal is to create an experience for the user that is both natural and beautiful.


Beyond my digital design work I also have a passion for photography. Through my photography, I attempt to capture images in the same way I see the world — as potential art. My love for photography (and cameras) began in childhood, when my mom gifted me my first camera. I would endlessly play with this camera during family reunions, asking everyone to smile for the camera. I’ve since expanded my photographic subjects, and photography now runs parallel to my professional path as a designer. I typically shoot with either a Canon 5D Mark III or a Fujifilm 35mm.