wow collection – Illustration

  The human mind is always looking for patterns. In fact, our brain rewards us for recognizing patterns with an uptick of dopamine. The WOW Collection is a personal exploration of patterns made, broken, intersected, and warped to accentuate certain objects — notably people. This is a series that has allowed me to explore new […]

Run collection – Illustration

– The process Europe’s quintessential fine art is primarily held in high esteem for its beauty and aesthetic symmetry. This is true in the continent’s history of painting, sculpture, architecture, music, and poetry, as well as in theater and dance. Typically, when we think of European fine art, the mind wanders to images of oil […]

Outside Collection – Illustration

Outside Collection: Abstractions in Architecture The Outside Collection began as a way to convey the possibilities of architecture if the designer had absolute control over the colors, forms, and the way sunlight interacts with these elements. To create these illustrations, the Procreate and Affinitydesign apps on the iPad Pro were utilized. An additional goal of […]