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BCA – Limited edition Packaging

FHI Brands’ Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign In its 16-year history, FHI Brands has grown to become a globally recognized professional haircare company that is adored by both celebrities and daily users. Each October, FHI Brands collaborates with the National Breast Cancer Foundation to raise awareness of the disease and bring a message of hope to […]

Platform Packaging Redesign

Platform Packaging Redesign From project packagingto sub-brand logo redesigns, Fadilbou has worked with FHI Brands to create stunning product packaging as well as unique logos to bridge the divide between all of the parent company’s sub-brands. After all, shouldn’t a brand as prestigious as FHI Brands also have a look to match?     Projects […]

Ravenna Packaging Design

Fadilbou’s Redesign of the Ravenna Brand’s Wine Labels Ravenna is a wine that takes its namesake from the Italian region in which it was founded. This wine brand is famous for its Tempranillo-based wines such as Pinot Grigio, Merlot, and Chardonnay. Ravenna wines are produced in a manner that remains hardly changed for centuries; grapes […]