The human mind is always looking for patterns. In fact, our brain rewards us for recognizing patterns with an uptick of dopamine. The WOW Collection is a personal exploration of patterns made, broken, intersected, and warped to accentuate certain objects — notably people.

This is a series that has allowed me to explore new ways to illustrate and I plan to add more pieces in the future.

The WOW Collection started with a wine cup that was them combined with a wavy line pattern. I was so pleased with this first attempt that I decided to create more of these adventures in symmetry and symbiosis. During the second attempt, the sketch of the woman outlined by the background lines resulted. When I put the two illustrations together, I feel they create a remarkable balance of lines and object.

The Process

With these illustrations, the process is relatively simple once the primary object of the work is decided. I may research a few pieces with strong lines, then begin sketching on an iPad Pro, using either the Procreate or Afinitydesign app. Although these are digital creations, I still feel that my personal touch as an artist is maintained and appropriately conveyed.

Once I got the two illustrations done the challenge started to what should I get done next? I descried to illustrate a few scenes from a historical or current event that interested me. my process was so simple I found the topic, I do a couple research for inspiration then I start sketching, once I am happy with the sketch I use my iPad Pro to draw in either Procreate app or Afinitydesign app and definitely in each design I add my touch to it.

This series allow me to explore new ways to use my illustrations and I am welling to add more.