Mouna de Laine Branding

– Mouna de Laine Packaging Redesigns The process Mouna de Laine is a skincare line that uses vegan-friendly, naturally sourced ingredients in their products. The company works alongside integrative medical professionals, naturopathic doctors, and biochemists to ensure their products are not only great for people, but great for the planet, too. Challenge One major challenge […]

FHI Brands Rebranding

FHI Brands: Creating a Strong, Cohesive Parent Brand The Process – FHI Brands is a world-renowned professional haircare company whose products are cherished by both celebrities and consumers. But, FHI Brands had a unique problem; since its founding 2003, the various sub-brands of FHI Brands had taken on a look of their own and were visually detached […]

Bestvite Rebranding

Bestvite: The Creation of an Award-Winning Brand Design Bestvite is a health and nutrition brand geared towards providing the highest quality health supplements and “functional foods” at affordable prices. Bestvite’s stated mission is to create vitamin, mineral, herbal, and natural food products that are among the purest, yet also ensuring these products are affordable to […]

Green dot rebranding

Green Dot: The Making of an Iconic Cannabis Brand Both cannabis connoisseurs and first-time customers have made Green Dot their brand of choice — and for good reason. Green Dot’s friendly “bud-tenders” are highly knowledgeable and help to create a welcoming environment. These bud-tenders not only educate consumers but offer products considered by many to […]