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FHI Brands new website

FHI Brands: Website and Branding FHI Brands is an award-winning professional haircare company held in great esteem by consumers and celebrities alike. The goal of this project was to make sure FHI Brands’ prestige is represented in its packaging, logos, mobile apps, and online presence. To bring the goals of the project to fruition there […]

Marrakech shop design I web design

Marrakech Design: Designs Inspired by the Spirit of Morocco Marrakech Shop Design is a gift store offering products handmade by local artisans. These keepsakes celebrate the culture and history of Morocco using authentic, natural materials. One of the most popular designs are the Moroccan bags that “made with love” and filled with pure Moroccan soul. […]

Results by realtor.com

The Results Series for realtor.com® As an interactive designer at realtor.com®, my job primarily consists of supporting the B2B team — and specifically the events team.  The realtor.com® Resultsseries is a set of website designs created to promote webinars and live events hosted by the nationally known real estate company. The goal was to use […]

realtor.com – b2b Website

Design Work for Realtor.com® Realtor.com® is a nationally recognized real estate network operated by the Move Network and the parent company News Corporation (News Corp). The realtor.com® website is licensed to operate by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the real estate industry’s largest trade association. The company’s business model focuses on selling advertising and […]

Bestvite Web design

Bestvite is a health and nutrition brand geared towards providing the highest quality health supplements and “functional foods” at affordable prices. Bestvite’s stated mission is to create vitamin, mineral, herbal, and natural food products that are among the purest, yet also ensuring these products are affordable to the vast majority of consumers. Their mission is […]

Accecerises – Web design

At Accecerises, we took part in highly productive brainstorming sessions with the marketing team. These sessions led to numerous successful branding concepts and marketing campaigns. My design and technical contributions can be seen in the company’s product logos, packaging, website, emails, ads, as well as photo and video shoots. I worked closely with the back-end […]